you can’t have everything you want all the time! I appreciated that because David can always go over the budget to find the perfect house. HGTV SHOULD BE RELAX ……A LEARNING CHANNEL FOR DECORATION AND OTHER FUN STUFF…..SINCE LISA LAPORTA, CLYVE,TANYA, CANDICE,DAVID….LEFT I STOP WATCHING…I LEARNED A LOT FROM THOSE DESIGNERS…NOT ANYMORE. West Texas, and many other areas in the US have houses under $100,000. I’ve always thought that the “drama” probably was a bit exaggerated, after all, it’s entertainment. It is a wonderful city though expensive. Bigger house bigger pig pen! They absolutely wanted their kitchen moved from upstairs to downstairs, although Hilary told them it would not work. There is NOTHING real about the “list it” part. First things first - You can check out the blog below, read more about me here, shop my closet here, and get on the list for my all-new presets here! I am not thrilled with Love it or list it. If she’s right, then it would make sense for the producers to choose how each episode ends. I absolutely love this show! That is more often than not. Did you know that most days the producers show ONE SHOW for 6-8 per day back to back? Its all what is “in” right now. That part always gets me! Unfortunately with the high cost of renovations, it would be unrealistic if the owners always got everything on their wish lists. In two I noticed the “homeowners” were the contractor that they use for every episode and another episode was Hilary’s assistant. But, if Hillary is not allowed more budget then David should not be allowed to show anything over budget. The couple only like the last home they are shown, only part of the renovations are completed-the homes are always old with lots of problems, so the money goes for repairs-and the arguing seems so staged. You must have never had major work done on your house. I am tired of hearing, “oh, we did not expect this bearing wall …” She should talk about the value of an engineer to evaluate her designs and discuss the structural issues BEFORE taking a hamer to the old walls. For goodness sakes, have you not noticed how fabulous the design is? Why are people so obsessed with “Is it real?” What difference does it matter? If Hillary came to my house and offered a free renovation I think I would run the other way. Where do they find all the morons for this show, if the hosts weren’t bad enough actors. LIOLI has two annoying hosts and follows the same recipe show after show: the List It guy shows them two dogs, hams it up a lot, than shows them a final viable house. At least give the homeowners some acting lessons, the over the top, hammy reactions are pathetic! Historic Preservation is one of my favorite things & I loved that show. 5. its “renovation” not “reno” you way-too-cool-to-use-the-whole-word hipsters! Still, the fact that the renovation was terrible enough to initiate legal proceedings is proof of how much the production company lies to the audience about the homeowners loving the results. What happened to all of the great shows with real designers remodeling and updating and giving design tips…without a bad attitude? It’s sad, but true. The funny thing is Hilary IS a designer and has some well-known clients!! Someone else, who I never heard of, was listed as the designer. I wish the show hadn’t been pulled. Both hosts are unwatchable! Really, we’re debating whether this is real/fake. i love love it or list it but the young new hosts aren’t as good as hillary and david they try to be like them but it just doesn’t work the other thing about the show is that someone in the couple is always negative towards hillary or david Are production costs cheaper there? Watching the show, you might wonder how some of the couples have remained married for so long if they rarely agree on anything. same thing every time my wife watches it. So its all we see right now until the fad changes…………again. I wanted to slap them. I couldn’t touch anything I’ve seen on this show on my salary. The HGTV show “Hawaiian Life” also gets on my last nerve, mostly because I live here and there is SO MUCH they don’t tell or show about living here, it’s almost criminal. If HGTV wants to have contests, then make them fair, give ALL participants an EQUAL chance of winning! There are probably people here that would like help…why both shows in Canada? mckeon brice I don’t know what’s that “designer” Jillian thinking putting hundred thousand dollars into a home without renovating the kitchen first. And act surprised when the contractor tells you your plumbing is rotted away? the. the ads clearly state this is in addition to the original and that it’s just set on the west coast. As boring as they look, white appliances are the best. the characters are dry. My husband and I enjoy this show even though we realize that much of it is pure drama. Before I go ahead and share all of the details, be warned that there’s a SPOILER ALERT at the end of this blog post so if you don’t want to find out if Noelle and I like Jillian though, even though her acting is pretty bad. 144 talking about this. Hillary is so beautiful! Personally, I love this show and despite some of it being faked for television I don’t really care. And get angry when Hilary finds an issue/problem that must be rectified. I find HH Iinternational quite interesting when these couples are in the Caribbean looking for their vacation homes!! Most couples usually go on the show to get the upgrades at a discounted price, but the outcome has not always been to their liking. The LIOLI episode was just on which is why I have the details for it, I don’t remember any details from the income property episode. makes me sick I can see why with a title ending of “too” one might think the hosts have been replaced. . Canadian production companies make these shows and networks all over the world pay for the right to air them. (Hmm, come to think of it Cooking is on that tier, too…maybe trying to force purchase of extra packages was Scripps plan all along.). But it will not be the same as the old one. I also tend not to like the shows made in Canada because it’s hard to identify with them. Although Sarah Richardson has done a few renos out west. Can’t remember where I read it, but some one had pointed out that in almost every instance on House Hunters the house that is “selected” is usually the one that was already empty(aside from when the house comes furnished).